Without a doubt the most beautiful city I have ever been, Singapore displays a vast city skyline completed with acres of green space and beautifully designed walkways to provide the experience of nature in an industrialised area.

The minute we arrived at our hotel in Singapore we knew we were going to love it. We were staying at the Furama Riverfront and had been gifted a room for Jamie’s birthday so we were entitled to enter the executive lounge and as our room wasn’t ready on arrival we were made to feel very welcome by all the staff. The wait we had felt like nothing at all as we were enjoying ourselves so much already in this beautiful country. However, we were starving from the journey so we decided to order some food whilst we waited. After a few mouthfuls, the waitress told us she was sorry as she had phoned to check if our room was ready several times and for the inconvenience she would give us our meal for free. Singapore was the most expensive of the countries we visited and so this was extremely lucky for us.

After being shown to our room, we got our bearings and headed towards the gardens on the bay as this was what I was most excited for. When we arrived, the main exhibits – the largest indoor waterfall known as the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome – were both closing for the night. This didn’t upset us too much though as we knew we could come back the next day and the surrounding gardens were stunning all the same and along the marina there was live music playing accompanied by a magical light show.

We decided to go back the next day and instead spend the evening at the cinema watching Dunkirk. This was the best cinema experience ever, the largest screen I have ever seen and sofas for people to book for the screening! Added bonus – it was less than £10 for both of us.

Our hotel was about 2 miles from the centre of the city so it took us a while to walk back and we were grateful for the sleep when we arrived.

The following day we visited the gardens by the bay and it turned out to be a national day in Singapore meaning the city was buzzing with people. Around the marina, there were thousands of people observing a show from parachutists and we stopped to see the show before heading to the gardens by the bay.

The largest indoor waterfall was absolutely beautiful and the spray of water was refreshing in the 27 degree heat. I really have no words to describe how much I loved this country and the beauty it held. We were able to walk above the ground over a sky walkway and view the plant life from above.

The flower dome was lovely but we did feel it was a bit like a glorified greenhouse. Nevertheless, we enjoyed wandering around looking at the amazing sculptures and hedge cutouts.

By the time we left the flower dome it was dark outside and though we wanted to walk along the skyway beneath the massive trees Singapore is probably most famous for, we were a bit late and the queue was very long. Instead we sat down underneath them and watched the ‘Forest Rhapsody’ which involved incredible music that the lit up trees ‘danced’ along to (if you want to see what I mean by this, I put a clip on my instagram). I thoroughly enjoyed this as it was such an amazing atmosphere and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous this place was.

To end the evening we had a wander through the Marina Bay Sands shopping centre (beside the big boat that Singapore is also known for) and envied the players in the casino as you have to be 21 to gamble in Singapore before lying down on the grass to watch the firework display that was being held for the national day of Singapore.

I can’t begin to explain how much I wish we had stayed in Singapore for longer. As someone who is interested in geography and biology, this city is how every city should be structured with plenty of areas for nature to flourish and people to breathe fresh air. There are so many more parts of this city I want to explore and I urge anyone who can go to do so. It is incredible.

Laura x

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