Phuket was one destination we had no expectations for whatsoever and we originally planned to stay here for a few days just to rest before heading to Krabi. However, Phuket turned out to be one of my favourite places – not because of the place itself but because of all the things we did here that we hadn’t planned.

We arrived in the very early hours of the morning and were taken to a small guesthouse in the old quarter of the town. It was pouring with rain and there was no sign of life in the guesthouse. We rang a doorbell several times before a very grumpy woman came down and shouted at our taxi driver who had brought us to the wrong place – though it had the exact same name. We did eventually make it to our beds though.

On our first day, we walked up ‘Monkey Hill’ to watch the sunset. This was something I was apprehensive about as hills and I don’t really get along. Nevertheless, we made it to the top and were completely surrounded by macaques who spent their time trying to steal our drinks from us. Not going to lie, it was spectacular but pretty frightening.

After enjoying the sunset, we spent the rest of the night wandering through the markets and decided we would spend the next day in Patong, lazing on the beach. This turned into sitting in the air conditioned cafés before heading to a Muay Thai Boxing match! This was certainly an eventful experience. We had purchased the cheapest tickets, though there wasn’t much difference between the areas, and were sat beside a family of four of which the mum spent the whole match in the smoking corner. The man in the group was a buff, slightly scary man who looked as if you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him. To our surprise, this turned out to be a big misjudgement on our part. I turned to Jamie at one point during the match and had clocked a large, flying cockroach crawling up the wall. As the man had children with him and I didn’t want to frighten them, I quietly pointed it out to Jamie. Unfortunately, the father of these children spotted this and FREAKED out. He grabbed his children and said “come on kids we’re leaving” before commencing his announcement to the people in the surrounding seats. The young men sitting in front of him could not have cared less and were just happy to have better seats so they picked up a t shirt and swiped the cockroach of the wall. You’d think this would be the end of the cockroach fears but not for one man: he was sitting at a desk below the seats and to his dismay, this huge cockroach flew down in between the frame of his glasses where it got stuck. He seemed very embarrassed and even more so when he looked up to see six of us in fits of laughter.

On our final night, we decided to go out to listen to some live music just around the corner from our guest house. Though in high season this place is supposedly popular, there were only 4 of us in the pub that night. I liked this though, it was nice and intimate and I could stock up on strong mojitos! Halfway through the bands performance, however, the whole of Phukets power went out and we were plunged into darkness. This did not stop the band who grabbed their acoustic guitars and invited us up to jam with them. Jamie pulled me up and we jived to blue suede shoes in the candlelight. I’ve never felt so elated.

Laura x

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