The final destination on our trip of South East Asia. I know this has taken a long time to write all these posts but this year has been full of ups and downs. Hopefully this years travels will be updated more frequently.

Whilst in Krabi, we stayed in Ao Nang along Noppharatara beach for around 5 days. As this was our last stop before a final couple of days in Bangkok, we decided to spend it chilling out and seeing some of the islands.

One of our day trips in Krabi involved more kayaking! This time through beautiful caves, past islands covered in rich, green vegetation. Jamie and I were told we didn’t need life jackets because we assured the guide that we could swim, not sure if this goes along with health and safety regulations, though, after the activities we did whilst away, I’m not even sure Thailand has any. I think the guides were fairly impressed with Jamie and I as, in a group of about 20, we were the only two who managed not to crash the kayak into the cave walls. One of them was so kind that he even got out of his kayak and into the water to take photos for us.


Though a large storm came over us whilst on our way back to the docks, we were met with a massive feast of freshly barbecued meats and veg before returning home for the night.

We headed out to the strip to go for some food and some really amazing cocktails at Crazy Gringo’s – a mad mexican restaurant close to our hotel. There was a live guitarist and everyone was up dancing and singing. I think in that moment I realised that I never wanted to stop travelling the world.


Our last trip on our travels was island hopping which included snorkelling, a fire show and a barbecue on Railay Beach. I must admit I’m a little frightened of the ocean, I’m not sure why but it has always scared me but I told myself that I would face my fears and go snorkelling. The guides told us that we could jump off the boat into the water if we wanted or we could use the stairs at the back of the boat. Everyone seemed to be using the stairs meaning it was taking a long time to get everyone into the water. So, naturally, I threw myself off the side of the boat. I was the first in the water (though admittedly I thought I was going to drown)! I was determined to get an underwater go pro photo so as scared as I was I kept going under until we finally got one. There was an opportunity to go snorkelling again after dark to see the bioluminescent plankton which glow when you move around in the water.


When the boat docked, we were led back to the checkpoint where the guides put on a “fire show” though it was more like a couple of boys and their 5 year old niece break dancing and throwing flames around.

On our last night, we had drinks in a beach bar across from our hotel and played pool and laughed, a lot. There was a fire pit out the back of the bar that looked onto the beach. This place was beautiful, even more so in the quiet of the night when there weren’t a lot of tourists around.

I’d go back to our trip around South East Asia in a heartbeat.



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