For my 19th birthday, Jamie booked us a trip to Krakow in Poland. I have never been so grateful for a trip as it helped to beat some of the January blues and was a beautiful way to get out of the UK before university started back.

We stayed in a cute little AirBnB just across the river from the centre of the city. Although we were tired when we arrived, we decided not to waste the evening and walked into the town to find somewhere for a massive pizza. Virtuoso did not disappoint, and Krakow definitely didn’t either. Lit up with Christmas lights and surrounded with beautiful horse and carriages, the market square was like something from a fairytale. I fell in love with this wintery city and the lovely people in it. We wandered the markets before heading back along the river to our cosy apartment.

The following day we decided to explore the city and we were eager to visit the Krakow Pinball Museum as this sounded like something we would both enjoy. It didn’t disappoint! Over 60 pinball machines and 15 arcade games, we were in our element. This place was beaming with bright lights and colour and was the most fun museum I’ve ever been in.


We also spent time wandering through Wawel Castle and even saw the Wawel Dragon breathe fire. But the main tour on our trip was of Auschwitz-Birkenau. I had always wanted to visit and find out more about what went on here and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to visit this historical site. Our guide for the tour was fantastic and let us feel raw emotion whilst walking around such a devastatingly beautiful place. We were both exhausted and emotionally drained after this trip but as it was my birthday present, we went into a beautiful bar situated in a boat on the river for a mojito to finish of the trip.


There are no words to describe this city. I ate plenty of amazing cakes, drank plenty of amazing mojitos and spent a lot of the time in a daze, it was the most amazing trip with the most amazing person.






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