One of my favourite TV shows of all times is Game of Thrones. Though I was a little late jumping on the band wagon, I have watched all the series twice just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

When I began planning my interrail trip, I was told that Croatia was quite difficult to get to by train and Dubrovnik even more so. However, I was determined to see at least some of the Game of Thrones sites so I booked a hostel in Split and then miraculously came across a website: “How to Visit all Game of Thrones Locations in Croatia for under $100”. This sounded like my idea of a perfect trip as it gave me the chance to explore Croatia as well as fangirl and recreate scenes from the show.

I remembered that my friend Rachel loved GoT as well so decided to message her and ask if she fancied it. I was so excited when she said yes and booked her tickets! We decided we would stay in Split for a few days then head down to Dubrovnik (by ferry!) for a couple of nights, that way we could see all the sites listed on the website. On top of this, the website showed the starting point as Zagreb which cost ~$23 to get to the first location, so we will even be saving money!

I was so pleased that I’ll get to share these amazing experiences with someone who is as excited as I am and is such a big fan of Game of Thrones. We’ll also have time to go on a booze cruise and see the caves and islands of Croatia. And, for our final two nights spent in Dubrovnik, we decided to go a little bit luxury and book a penthouse apartment with a hot tub so we can chill out and drink a lot of wine in the evenings.

I just wanted to post a little update here as I promised to keep you all informed. I also thought some of you may find the link provided helpful if you too are thinking of visiting Croatia and seeing some of the locations from GoT.


p.s. brownie points if you got the title reference (poor show, I know)


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