After the stress of exams, I was really looking forward to relaxing and drinking lots of cocktails. Luckily, for the past week, the sun has been shining and Jamie and I have been able to explore some of the most beautiful parts of Northern Ireland.

When I began writing posts on this blog, I always had the idea in my head that I had to be travelling if I wanted to have interesting places to talk about. However, I have realised recently that I don’t even need to travel beyond the UK to find these places.

Our adventures began at the stunning Dunluce Castle just outside of Portrush in the North West of the country – I know this because of the North West 200 race which has been going on during our stay. This castle is situated on the very edge of the coast and is thought to dat back to the early 1500s. We spent a lot of time taking photos and admiring the stunning surroundings but we also learned a little bit about the castle’s history. One story told us that in the 17th century, it was believed that the kitchen of the castle had fallen into the sea below during a storm and taken seven of the staff with it. It turned out that this was actually just folklore as written records and paintings show the kitchen of the castle still in tact as recent as the 19th century.


Later in the day, after eating some lunch and belting out songs at the top of our lungs in the car, we visited the Whiterocks beach. I’m not really a fan of beaches as I have an irrational fear of the ocean and I hate the feeling of sand in my shoes but I’ve got to say I’ve never seen a beach like this. Even having travelled around South East Asia, I don’t think any of those beaches compared to this one. We spent hours discovering hidden caves and climbing as far in as we could. As someone with a passion for geography and geology, I was extremely excited about the arches and rock formations – some would say a little too excited but whatever. My pictures just do not do this beach justice.



The following day, we decided to venture a little further away to Cushendall – about an hours drive from Portrush. Admittedly, this was accidental as we were searching for Glenariff Forest Park, but the journey was unbelievably serendipitous. I have no words to describe the views on the descent into the valley, but I tried to get some pictures when we eventually arrived at Glenariff.


Our aim for the day was to see some of the stunning waterfalls Glenariff had to offer and though admittedly, we did go a kind of round-a-bout way, we made it and they were worth getting completely lost for.



Other than these little adventures, we’ve been bowling, seen Avengers: Infinity War & Deadpool 2, gone out dancing and eaten a copious amount of amazing food – a great start to the Summer.



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