I decided that this year I would try and be a tourist in my own country. I have to admit though, I find it really difficult because I’m not a fan of being in large crowds of people when I’m in a rush somewhere (i.e. on the way to uni because I’m always late) or when I just want to enjoy the sites and chill out a bit. Nevertheless, I decided I would tackle the crowds to try and get a nice photo outside of Edinburgh Castle. This didn’t really work out for me. Can someone please tell me how to get nice photos of the castle without any people in them?

As my first tourist attempt at a photo failed drastically, my friend and I went to Camera Obscura because I’ve seen lots of nice photos from there and had heard it was good fun. I was really excited because I knew there was a cool room with little lights in it that was so pretty and I thought it would look good on my gram. Again, the photo attempts failed. I am partly to blame for this though as maybe if I had remembered my camera, the photos would have been successful. I’ve got to say though, Camera Obscura was a lot of fun and definitely worth it just to see all the lights and illusions.

Though less of a fail than the first site, Camera Obscura made me realise I didn’t want to be in all the busy parts of the city anymore and so as an alternative to the usual tourist activities (e.g. Edinburgh Dungeons and Arthur’s Seat), I decided to go get some piercings.

I had recently gotten my nose pierced in Dundee before I went over to Northern Ireland but I accidentally pulled the stud out and couldn’t get it back in so I wanted to get this redone and also get my tragus redone despite the pain I went through the first time that made me take it out.


After walking round in circles for what felt like hours in the crowds, we went into a shop and asked the girl behind the desk where we could get piercings. She suggested Studio XIII and gave us some directions. Of course, we got lost anyway and had to ask a traffic warden who kindly walked us to the street it was on.

I can’t recommend this studio enough, so clean and everyone was so friendly. The prices were also very cheap! I had paid £30 for my nose the first time and was quoted £20 here which I was happy to spend especially considering their jewellery was of a higher quality. Luckily, my piercer, Sarah, discovered that my nose hadn’t actually healed up yet and so she just charged me £5 to put some jewellery in.

Afterwards we found a cute little cafe called Zebra Coffee Co which sold the most amazing nutella brownies. If you’re ever in Edinburgh you need to try these, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. We also saw the most beautiful St Bernard on Castle Hill.

To be honest this took us a whole day so this was my very brief guide of what I did as a tourist in Edinburgh.


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