Though this short break to Leeds was one of my favourite trips away this year so far, I have very little photos to show for it and the ones I do have are not what I’d call good quality. Nevertheless, I thought I’d write a short post about the things I did in the hopes of enticing people to visit this amazing city.

Jamie and I hadn’t made any plans for June so we decided to head down to Leeds to celebrate Jamie’s sisters birthday. A five and a half hour drive was definitely worth it for all the fun we had when we got there. First off, I should mention that the halls we were staying in were unbelievable and featured a cinema room, sauna and steam room, free massages, a pool table and even a slide for no apparent reason. Though the first night we were extremely tired, we still managed to watch a couple of movies and eat a lot of snacks.

The following morning, we walked into the city centre and explored the shops, I was especially keen to visit Pop Boutique which is a quirky vintage store that is relatively cheap. Beside this store was a small café/vinyl store where I managed to find a Simon and Garfunkel greatest hits vinyl to add to my collection for next year. After shopping for a good while, we walked back to the flat to get ready for a barbecue and chocolate fountain but not before we had played a bit of basketball and frisbee in the nearby park. It was such beautiful weather and everything about Leeds made me feel so happy. We spent the evening toasting marshmallows and dipping strawberries in chocolate whilst dancing about the kitchen to our favourite songs before heading out to a Wetherspoons for the night – a real life Spoons club! This was so different to any club I’ve been in but the music was right up all of our streets and we had the most amazing night.


The celebrations weren’t over though, on the Sunday we went out for dinner at Zaap, a Thai streetfood restaurant decorated exactly like the Khao San road in Bangkok, they even used some tuk-tuks as tables! We needed this food as Laura and I were heading to Bierkeller for a screening of The Greatest Showman with live singers and a lot of dancing on tables. We really enjoyed singing our hearts out to some of our favourite songs – I have to say I also thoroughly enjoyed all the free booze I managed to acquire as noone else was drinking.


I don’t think I made it clear that Jamie didn’t join us for The Greatest Showman but I know he’s jealous he missed it. Instead, we coaxed him into picking us up and when we arrived home, we chilled out in the cinema room whilst watching the E3 conference until four in the morning.

I think this was the perfect way to celebrate not only Laura’s birthday but also the fact I miraculously managed to make it into third year of uni.

I will be back, Leeds.


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